Crypto Custodian Wallets

Get insured, regulated, qualified crypto custody services – with the keys to your digital assets held in cold and hot storage.

At Bitlabz, we offer crypto custody solutions of the highest level of security both in HOT and COLD wallet systems for all your digital assets. Using our API, one can use the wallet system to collect funds generated through business activities. The funds can be converted to over 50 cryptocurrencies and safely safeguarded by highly secured servers.

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Secure Your Crypto
Assets Better

The popularity of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed, boasting a worldwide audience of over 290 million individuals. When you buy crypto, you need a safe place to store the digital keys that secure your assets. The best way to protect your digital assets is by crypto wallets that work differently than tucking cash into a wallet.

Standard crypto like Bitcoin and Ether are joined by "stablecoins" backed by national currencies. Some countries, such as China and Sweden, are exploring digitized versions of their fiat currencies. Digital assets are the foundation for an ever-growing collection of decentralized finance (DeFi) lending, trading, and additional services.

Additionally, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent rare, valuable items such as digital artworks. Experts predict a future where securities are issued and circulated exclusively as digital assets on a blockchain. For all these reasons, investors now require digital asset guardians who can provide the same level of sturdy protection and services as those typically available for traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and cash.

Digital Asset Custody Solutions

Why Bitlabz?

You are in the right place if you need to store your cryptocurrencies in one place. At Bitlabz, we support a large number of coins and tokens. We provide our customers with how wallets with solid security tools, like two or multi-factor authentication and multi-signature support. Our cold wallets are available at a reasonable price point and are supported by various hot wallets to facilitate trading.

We are a top-grade custody service provider that enables financial institutions to drive new revenue streams over their digital assets with 100% protection from cyber attacks

How do we keep your assets safe ?

Highly secure wallet backed by a well-known exchange
User-friendly interface
Quick and easy access to thousands of tokens
100% Cyber protection
Compatible with other blockchain solutions
Tight security framework
Fast and easy to set up

Safety is Bitlabz's
guiding principle


We offer the most trusted and secure crypto custody.


We provide an all-on-one custody platform build for your needs.


We will protect your digital assets with a proven record.


We always strive to manage and exceed our customer's expectations.


Committed to always being transparent on billing and upfront on technology trends.


Your cryptocurrency is yours. We keep it safe and secure.

What is a Crypto Custody Wallet?

Cryptocurrencies are nothing but digital code stored on a blockchain network. Whenever you buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, your ownership proof depends on two public and private keys.

The public key resembles your bank account number as it indicates the location of your cryptocurrency but doesn't give access to it. Whereas the private key assures that you are the genuine owner of the cryptocurrency.

You will also lose your cryptocurrency holdings if you lose your private key. Similarly, if someone else obtains your private keys, they have complete access to your crypto assets.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets are crucial for those who buy, trade, and sell digital assets. They serve as a secure place to store and safeguard transaction information. Whether it's hardware or software, also known as hot or cold storage, personalized custody provides unique features that differ from those offered by crypto exchanges. These wallets offer traders specialized solutions to help them manage their crypto assets securely.

The process of safekeeping digital assets is akin to traditional financial assets custody. Crypto custodians protect investors' assets, often providing additional services such as buying and selling.

With countless options, the first step is selecting the correct type of wallet for your needs. Crypto custody services include safekeeping, analytics, trading, pricing and valuation, and payments and settlements.

Key Storage

Hot & Cold Wallets

Key Storage

Hot & Cold Wallets

'Hot' wallets come in the form of desktop, mobile, or web-based applications that need an internet connection to function. The inclusion of web connectivity makes it easier to use, but there's a catch: the lower level of security. Online wallets have more potential for being hacked.

In general, a 'Cold' wallet is considered a more secure option for storing cryptocurrency. These types of hardware wallets are available in various forms, such as a USB stick that connects to the internet or a device that reads QR codes linked to a software program. Cold wallets are mostly offline and are only connected to the internet through a controlled mechanism. They have additional strict security layers and always require multiple approvals to move assets.

They offer extra protection for your private keys, safeguarded from cyber attackers who would need to steal the physical ones. Additionally, they usually require a PIN as an added security measure.

Warm wallets balance the speed of hot ones and enhanced protection. They store the keys digitally, allowing for automatic transaction processing but requiring human authorization to sign and submit these transactions to the blockchain.

Multisignature or multisig refers to using multiple private keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction rather than relying on a single key. These keys can be distributed across various systems, ensuring that the owner's assets remain protected against theft if one system is hacked.

On the other hand, Multi-party Computation, or MPC, is another protection measure against hackers and insiders. However, it offers distinct advantages over multisig in areas like operational efficiency, flexibility, and risk management. MPC splits a private key into "key shares" and allows them to be spread over multiple physical devices, thwarting any attempt by a hacker to obtain the complete key by compromising a single device.

Digital Assets Custodians

When it comes to secure custody, it works differently. Digital asset custodians do not technically store any assets because all data and transactions exist on a public ledger called the blockchain. Instead, they guard users’ private keys – the critical part of a wallet that grants access to its funds.
Qualified custodians are essential for the widespread adoption of digital assets. To this day, many institutional investors stay away from buying digital assets because of the need for more safety. Usually, custodians ask for a certain percentage point based on the value of the assets under custody every year.
Custodians can offer various financial services for cryptocurrency-based assets, creating exponential customer value.

Given their industry expertise and built-in systems, financial institutions providing custody services for traditional financial assets can offer additional crypto asset-specific services. Introducing such services will help them gain a competitive edge over other non-custody service providers such as retail banks or technology services providers.

Keep Crocks Away from your Crypto with Bitlabz Protection

Bitlabz Custody was built with beginning crypto users in mind but is also ideal for most mainstream crypto enthusiasts looking for a secure, easy-to-use custody provider.

With its simplicity, this custody market is great for beginners just entering crypto. It also has excellent support, an essential feature for beginners getting into what many consider a confusing market.

Always know where your assets are and minimize counterparty risk.