Crypto Exchange Software

We offer a fully functional Crypto Exchange to our clients, which can work under our European Based License or any License acquired by a future customer and operator of the exchange.

The system is built in a secure way in a state of art encryption environment. The speed of operations and execution of orders perfectly align with the best possible technology on the market.

The exchange contains Market and Limit orders, all the trending information, chats, news and all features required for deposits and withdrawals.

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The system includes our Wallet system with an additional Master wallets management structure. Moreover, there are possibilities for MultiBlockChain support as well as automatizations for almost every operation connected to optimization of the human factor, thus a couple of people are needed to pay attention to the exchange on a daily basis.

The Exchange can work with external exchanges, 3rd party KYC and KYB providers, 3rd party Aquiring suppliers depending on the customer's wishes.

The exchange has the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market and can add-on easily additional ones, as well as tokens.

There is a fully developed API and iframe solution that can be integrated into 3rd parties' websites.


  • Reliable and easy-to-use platform
  • Custodian Wallet system
  • Multiple Languages
  • All services needed are included, integrated and fully functional