Privacy and Cookies Policy

Below you will find the Privacy and Cookies Policy of Bitlabz and its affiliates such as “we” or “us” commit to protecting, storing and respecting your personal data for the services to be working correctly for you. “Bitlabz” may also represent the various products, services, the website, and its content as well as other materials provided by us.

Bitlabz collects, stores, and processes Personal Data and Information. This Privacy Policy applies to all of these actions. “Personal Data” is every piece of information that helps us identify you as an individual or client. Such data may be your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, or any other additional information needed in relation to the provided services.

The information we collect

Some of the data we collect is the one you provide at the time of contacting us and requesting a demo of our products and services. This type of Personal Information may include:

  1. Your full name;
  2. Email address (work-related);
  3. Phone number (work-related);
  4. The name and the size of the organization that you’re representing as well as your position there;
  5. Country;

We collect some information automatically and it has nothing to do with revealing your personality or individual characteristics. This data is used by us to get a better understanding of the user’s browsing habits and patterns. We collect this information for statistical purposes only. Some of this type of data may include:

  1. Log Information: We collect your IP Address, the browser of your preferred usage, the time you logged in, the pages you viewed, as well as the time spent on a single page. We also track the initial page you visited that redirected you to our website or platform to use our services
  2. Device Information: We collect information that gives us a glance at the device you are using such as the hardware model, the operating system you use and its version, some other unique device identifiers, as well as mobile network information.

IP Addresses and computer information

We may collect information regarding the device you are using and your IP Addresses. The reason behind this is that we need this information as statistical data that we provide to our advertisers. You need to know that this information does not, by any means, reveal your personal identity.

Cookies usage

The Bitlabz team values your time and it is of extreme importance to us to deliver the best user experience. To do so, we use cookies that ensure the effectiveness of our platform, and the pages on the website that you visit the most, as well as analyse trends in users’ behaviour. Cookies are also of use when a user comes across difficulty navigating through our website – cookies help us regularly upgrade and update our site and services. By doing so, we can deliver smooth and problem-free usage of our website. Cookies help us get to know your preferable services, and desired features and provide us with additional information when it comes to resolving access difficulties. Some of the cookies, web bugs, or clear gifs that we use provide us with data regarding email confirmations and replies. This is how we guarantee a more personalized and better experience while using our website.

By continuing to use our website, you agree to the following cookies:

  1. Cookies of obligatory matter for our site to run smoothly: logging in, registering, transactions, and any other user usage of our website;
  2. Cookies that we use to get analytical data and that serve as better upgrading our performance purposes;
  3. Cookies that observe and target the users’ actions on our platform;
  4. Cookies used by third parties for analytical, statistical, and advertisement purposes;

The third-party cookies that we use are connected with our service providers – their role is to assist us in better understanding the users’ behaviour and work patterns when browsing through our website and using our services. This helps us to upgrade and update regularly our platform because we have a clue of how each user interacts with our platform. Our service providers use this information gathered by third-party cookies to send reports back to us. It’s important to mention that some of the third-party cookies information may be linked to the type of personal data we do collect from our users and clients while they are using our website. You must know that the service providers are constantly restricted from using the information they receive other than to assist us and send us regular reports regarding users’ behaviour, preference, and website usage.

Third-party providers that we use include:

  1. Google Analytics;
  2. Google Tag Manager;
  3. Microsoft Clarity;

Accepting cookies:

By using the Site, you agree with cookies being enabled while you use it. If you don’t want to accept cookies being enabled on the Site, you must leave it and not use it.

Some of the reasons for us to use your personal information may include:

  1. Verifying your identity;
  2. In order to answer your request for a demo;
  3. Personalization of your Bitlabz experience;
  4. In order for us to analyze the Bitlabz website usage and to upgrade and improve our platform and the services we offer;
  5. To keep in touch with you regarding Bitlabz services and website features;
  6. Provide you with information and response to your questions and requests;
  7. Letting you know about any changes, updates, and upgrades;
  8. Provide you with news regarding our website features and users’ navigation;
  9. Record keeping, statistical analysis, internal reporting and research purposes;
  10. To ensure network and information security;
  11. To host, maintain and otherwise support the operation of our website and services;

When we may disclose your Personal Data or Information

In some instances, we may disclose part of all of your Personal Information or Data to third parties or legal authorities. The following instances describe when and why we might do so.

Third parties' disclosure instances:

Some of your Personal Information may be disclosed to third parties such as:

  1. Service providers such as business partners, suppliers, or sub-contractors;
  2. Advertisers for them to select and show ads relevant to your interests and user behaviour;
  3. Analytics and/or search engine providers that help us when it comes to website and platform optimization and upgrade;
  4. It’s important to be mentioned that all our third-party providers and partners are bound by contract to protect, store and save your personal information without disclosing it to other parties except for the instances when this is required by law;

Disclosing your Personal Information required by law to legal authorities:

The following cases may lead to us sharing your personal information with law enforcement, data protection authorities, government officials, and other authorities:

  1. If we consider disclosure is in accordance with any law, regulation, or legal procedure;
  2. If we assume disclosure is needed to prevent any harm or financial loss;
  3. If disclosure is obligatory to report certain illegal activity;
  4. To protect the rights, property, or safety of Bitlabz.
  5. If we believe your actions violate this Privacy Policy and/or our Terms of Use and KYC/CTF policy.

International Transfer of Personal Data

The Personal Data you provide to us and we collect is stored in data centres around the world where the Bitlabz facilities are located. In some cases, we may transfer some of your Personal Information outside of the EEA – we are informing you that these actions are in accordance with our legal and regulatory obligations.


Bitlabz may provide references and/or links to other websites. This Privacy Policy applies only to the platform of Bitlabz.

How to correct, update or delete your Personal Data:

Every client has the right to correct, change, update or permanently delete the information that was initially shared with us. In order to do so feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected] with your request. Please do keep in mind that our team may charge you a small fee in order for you to have access to the information you have requested.

You have the right to correct, update or delete any inaccurate and/or incorrect data by contacting us at [email protected]

We shall continue the procedure of deletion or destruction of your Personal Information only when we check if the request is in accordance with the legal and regulatory obligations.

Is your Personal Information protected and safe?

We are more than happy to inform you that we take some extra measures when it comes to storing and protecting your Personal Information. Some of these security measures include:

  1. Password-protected directories and databases;
  2. We give access to your personal information only to authorized personnel – all of our employees are bounded by contract to treat your Personal Data as confidential;
  3. Secure Sockets Layered (SSL) technology to encrypt and send your information across the Internet securely;
  4. We prevent your information from being hacked by using PCI Scanning.

Retention of Personal Information

As stated in this Privacy Policy, we keep and store Personal Information so you to have a stable and amazing user experience while working with our website. We do have record-keeping obligations in accordance with law authorities.

Changes and Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be regularly changed or updated – Bitlabz shall inform its clients and users whenever certain changes have been made by publicly displaying this Privacy Policy on our website and platform. If you are using the Site, you agree with the latest version of the Privacy Policy, regardless of whether you were informed of any changes.